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April 11, 2005


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Andrea Dworkin Has Died :

» Andrea Dworkin is dead from The Pagan Prattle Online
I have nothing nice to say, so will say nothing. Instead, read what Susie Bright and Roz Kaveney have to say on the matter. You might be surprised. Feminist icon Andrea Dworkin dies - The Guardian, 11th April 2005.... [Read More]

» Andrea Dworkin, 1946-2005 from Amorous Propensities : sex is funny, sex is sad
I have no patience with haters of porn. Oddly, I’m not a consumer of it. I’m bored by the anti-romanticism of the little porn I’ve scanned. Maybe one day someone will introduce me to a film that I enjoy. But Baptist or feminist crusad... [Read More]

» Andrea Dworkin (1946 – 2005) from The Left Coaster
She made us think. A rare and under-appreciated quality in a world where agreement and consensus are more highly valued. I want to go wherever Andrea has now gone when my time comes. For one reason it will be less... [Read More]

» Andrea Dworkin, 1946-2005 from Creek Running North
"In blaming and shaming the oppressed, the powerless, the left colludes with the right. There's no reason to look to the left for justice, so people look to the right for order. It's pretty simple. The victory of the right... [Read More]

» This Week's Essential Reading from
Adisa Banjoko tells how the Source tried to bring him in for a hatchet job on Jimmy Iovine. "Long story short, they tried to use me to attack Iovine, I would not do it and their new Editor, FAHIYM IS THE REAL SLIM SHADY..." ---------- Susie Bright reme... [Read More]

» Dworkin dies from Harry's Place
Andrea Dworkin has died, at the terribly young age of 58. It is difficult to overstate the importance of Dworkin in setting both the agenda... [Read More]

» Andrea Dworkin, RIP from Copyfight
Seen first in Susie Bright's blog and today there's a nice AP obit (here on WIRED). Copyfighters may remember her best as the woman who tried (and lost) a case to prevent Hustler from using her name in association with... [Read More]

» on Andrea Dworkin from anti:freeze by karrie higgins
From Susie Bright: the most textured, nuanced, and interesting reflection on the death of Andrea Dworkin I have seen yet.... [Read More]

» Susie Bright on Andrea Dworkin from I cite
Feminist Andrea Dworkin died yesterday. I disagreed with nearly everything she thought. But her thinking was powerful and innovative. It also is part of a time of feminist action and energy, a feminism that had not yet been remade for [Read More]

» Andrea Dworkin gestorben from Sex, Drugs, Compiler Construction
Die bekannte und kontroverse Feministin Andrea Dworkin ist vor wenigen Tagen im Alter von 59 Jahren gestorben. In einem sehr lesenswerten Nachruf legt Susie Bright das gespaltene Verhältnis der modernen Feministinnen zu Frau Dworkin dar. Einerseits wa... [Read More]

» Andrea Dworkin, R.I.P. from scribblingwoman
Andrea Dworkin was part of the coming-of-age of many women of my generation. With her death, much else has... [Read More]

» Susie Bright eulogizes Andrea Dworkin from Telegraph
First of all, I'm glad to have discovered Bright's journal. I've been a fan of her work for over a decade now, and she's never been one to shy away from the entire range of feelings evoked by and with... [Read More]

» Andrea Dworkin links from Sappho's Breathing
I'm collecting these links on my site for myself as well as my readers. I'm indebted to many linkers who came before me, most notably Rad Geek. The Andrea Dworkin website. The on-line memorial. Tributes and quotes. Obituaries in the... [Read More]

» This New Thing from Disembodied Thoughts
I've been meaning to start a blog for the past year at least - I finally felt inspired to do so today. Susie Bright's blog has been a big inspiration. I'm still not good enough with html to fix the rather generic-looking backdrop, unfortunately. I tr... [Read More]

» About Andrea from el tercer ojo
[because a week later, the net really needs another obit.] Sorry friends, I've been away... surgery and recovery requiring the watching of a full season of 24 to bring me back to health. [Read More]

» The Passing of Her Holiness, Andrea Dworkin from Disembodied Thoughts
This entry is kind of belated, but then I found out about it kind of late. Andrea Dworkin died last week. Blogland is filled with discussions about her, and interestingly, a lot of the commentary is positive. (Even on the Suicide Girls message board,... [Read More]

» More Death: Andrea Dworkin (September 9, 1946 - March 9, 2005) from Literate Perversions
Dworkin is one of those people about whom it is rare to hear anything intelligent about, from either her supporters or detractors. She was either a bold, brilliant warrior for feminism or a vicious, man-hating bitch. Few had anything else to say about ... [Read More]

» The Feminist Sex Wars revisited from Kesher Talk
I've been reading blog eulogies for Andrea Dworkin, and remembering the Feminist Sex Wars of the early 80s, when the Dworkin-McKinnon anti-porn movement was in full swing. The anti-porn wing generated an opposition which became known as the pro-sex... [Read More]

» The Feminist Sex Wars revisited from Kesher Talk
I've been reading blog eulogies for Andrea Dworkin, and remembering the Feminist Sex Wars of the early 80s, when the Dworkin-McKinnon anti-porn movement was in full swing. The anti-porn wing generated an opposition which became known as the pro-sex... [Read More]


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