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January 08, 2006


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference You're No J.T. Leroy— Thank God :

» from BARISTA
You want literary hoaxes? Most of them turn out to be sad and humlliating outbursts of the unconscious mind and a temporarily childish view of the world. But here is a literary hoax crafted with psychopathic care to trap... [Read More]

» JT Leroy, el chapero que no estuvo allí from La Petite Claudine
¿Quieren decir que JT Leroy -T stands for Terminator- el niño mimado de la critica americana, la Estrella del Rock entre las Estrellas del Rock, el joven y bello chapero de carretera que cambió su adicción a la heroína y a los camioneros speedicos por la Literatu... [Read More]

» JT LeRoy's true identity revealed in New York magazine from I Love Everything
Susi Bright: "I have never been frauded by an author racket before, and I have to say, it feels like a punch in the stomach. There are people out there who think that outrage like mine is overblown. Some have said this is simply a story about a talen... [Read More]

» Hey, How About Some Frey/Leroy Action? from Dr. Frank's What's-it
Chastened former JT Leroy enabler Susie Bright traces the "imaginative roots" of the the JTL literary oeuvre (if oeuvre is the word I want) and concludes that they grew out of "slash fiction."... [Read More]

» The Art Is Deceitful Above All Things from Like Anna Karina's Sweater
In the past several weeks, the literary world was rocked by not one but three scandals surrounding the authenticity of books that were purported to be non-fiction, or based on real events. There was of course James Frey, whose career [Read More]


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