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  • Bitten: Dark Erotic Stories, An Anthology Edited by Susie Bright

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Susie's E-Books!

  • Susie Sexpert's Lesbian Sex World
  • Mommy's Little Girl: On Sex, Motherhood, Porn, & Cherry Pie
  • SexWise
  • Sexual Reality

Susie's E-Books

  • Susie Sexpert's Lesbian Sex World
  • SexWise: Susie on The Black Panthers, Madonna, Paglia, the GOP, and More...
  • Sexual Reality: Egg Sex, Rape "Scenes", and Being BlindSexual
  • Mommy's Little Girl: Susie Bright on Sex, Motherhood, Porn, & Cherry Pie

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I write about sex and politics every day of the week.


I'm an author, editor, activist, performer, sex guru, teacher, mom, seamstress, pumpkin-head. I live in Santa Cruz, CA with my partner Jon and daughter Aretha.

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dressmaking, sexual politics, deep erotic thinking, revolution in our lifetime, family dilemmas, pornography with integrity, and roasted peppers