I immediately thought of Susan Stryker and Heather Corinna.

Ng Yi-Sheng

Sylvia Rivera and Leslie Feinberg!


embodies wonder sileiifmps The effects of such features inconsolable Powerlessness of the living standards of the past as perfect Scrub and rewind Bear hard for the next battle Peace means reloading your guns The excitement of life is the hatred in disguise Created by carnival masks almost canceled A search for guidelines for the gateways of sin in the swamps of misanthropy with wrath eye Cruelty element sophistication and perfection as toxic truth The confidence of dawn, the best choice foes An abyss womb stretched wide openharassed [Chorus:] Around the festival stigma on your flesh I wish you good luck Thorns of the fountains of fate end of your skin lepered Worshipped by each of the mass of our planet hell That the planet you obsessed Consuming illusions made from hysteria and swallowed tongues Devoured by doubt, conducting arts false Testimonial sufficiency explains numbness of all perceptions Looking into the blackness hidden beneath the surface of your And enjoy the wounded, discharged mental health despite Tormented with the belief in good and evil of confidence after Next step for mankind will be metal in the last seasons in sin [Chorus] Nearby are the Kings of the Carnival of Education Porter took the echo of the Fallen Withering sense of eternity as it fades The ultimate travel disgrace of all time Only death keeps beryllium your angels, silently Cripples joining arms screaming Institutionalized for the rebirth, the herd will be hunted [Music: Must, Silenoz, Vortex and Shagrath] [Lyrics: Silenoz]


Yeah, mock me! it's aight, you say that now, wait until you get married. Just do me a favor, don't fuicnkg call me complaining your wife doesn't want to have sex with you, I'll hang up the phone on your sorry ass, I swear.Take my advice, pal, have all the sex you can NOW, because once you're hitched and the kids are here, it's over. Wise guy!!Erm...Happy New Year to you too, Jason :D


um yea but bad idea. . . . um in cali if a girl is under 18 and a guy over 18 touches her intppropriaae or sexual harasses like kissing he could get up to 1 year i believe but idk i live in SD I just wrote a report on statutory rape in school (yes sounds weird but it was a class activity) so yea

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