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June 06, 2007


C.S. Lewiston

Hmm, I once rented a video partly produced and scored by rapper Snoop Dogg, whose rappage provided the soundtrack. While it was decent enough as fuck flix go, I myself didn't find it that hot, especially since the emphasis seemed to be on "snowballing", which is definitely not my cuppa meat.

Susie Bright

Snoop Dogg's movie is much, much better, if only because his "hospitality" attitude in the movie is quite engaging.. you can sort of feel what it would be like to have him as your neighbor. But he isn't seen having sex, too bad. It's all pros and him sort of waving a magic want around.


I was tempted to write a tagline along the lines of "You want Sacred Sin? Stay home from church this Sunday morning and get nekkid, instead!"

Sorry if the review was too lengthy, I think we were just SO disappointed with the film that we went a bit overboard in trashing it, to compensate...

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