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Betty Jo's Valentines

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    These are valentines from my mother's childhood scrapbook, "Betty Jo" Halloran. They were sent and received, from her siblings, grandparents, cousins, and friends, from 1929 to 1938, in Fargo, North Dakota, and Minneapolis/St. Paul. Please enjoy them with my love. xoxo, Susie

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December 06, 2007



We're having a solstice party this weekend. My wife always makes eggnog and people love it. Instead of cognac, we use Calvados. The effect is heavenly.


I remember seeing this recipe last year on your other blog & was planning to serve the fully-leaded version at a mid-December gathering at my home. Thanks for saving me the time of having to look it up!

Susie Bright

Mmmm... Calvados, yes. I actually make mine "virgin" for big parties, because I have so many friends who dont' drink booze, and they are SHOCKED how good it is, all by itself. I don't think it suffers at all from having the liquor added, per glass.

The Dark Avenger

My great-grandmother visited us from North Texas 30 years ago, and when the eggnog was served she asked us to 'warm it up a bit' by putting more whiskey in it.


I am so making this for Christmas. Have to scope out the farm egg situation in the neighborhood since my friend Lori's chickens are in molt. What poor timing on her part, eh?

That bibliofile person

Mmm, eggnog! As my friend Beth exclaimed when I introduced her to the stuff, it was just *made* to be diluted (with hooch). I think we splurged on Myer's dark rum, being young and poor at the time.

When pasteurized eggs became available, I knew that finally I could serve eggnog that everyone would drink. I have yet to throw that party, though.

(And I still make the cheese & scallion quiche from that cookbook.)


I just want to say I was lucky enough to stumble across this book at the thrift store last weekend for $2 and have been love love loving it! The ginger cheesecake in particular is wicked.


Susie honey, I made this for our gathering Saturday night and my guests licked the bowl clean. The only thing I did different was use a microplane grater on the citrus rinds. Even the "EWW, I hate eggnog," crowd was into it. Thank you so much for sharing!

paula bomer

Every year we make this now - since you first posted the recipe on your blog a few years back! It's a highlight of our christmas celebration! Truly unbelievably delicious.

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